About Us

Based in the United Kingdom, Landrich Trading Company Ltd was formed in 2011 to deliver the finest quality produce from the Caribbean and Africa to the rest of the world, without unbalancing the food security of the countries it operates in.

Our chairman, Lanny Smikle, has worked in the Caribbean and Africa. While in East and West Africa, he came to the realisation that this part of Africa is blessed with fertile land suitable for growing food crops on a major scale, supporting the indigenous people as well as providing commodities for export to the rest of the world; both Africa and the Caribbean have excellent growing and soil conditions to support an enterprise of this nature, and so Landrich Trading Co Ltd was born.

"Access Grants You Favour and Favour Grants You Reward"

Landrich is a major supplier of the finest quality grown produce from Africa of coffee, maize, rice, soya beans and cocoa beans. Since 2011, we have been putting together a network of professionals made up of farmers, manufacturers, traders, brokers, shippers and consultants to produce a quality product for export around the world. We are working to showcase the very best from Africa and the Caribbean, as well as supporting local economies and ensuring their food security.

As a company we take pride in our expert's research-based farm selection, ensuring we meet our high standard of excellence in every venture. We take control of production from planting to harvesting before the final product is offered to the market. Consequently, our focus on value and quality will be maintained at all stages, ensuring we not only live up to, but deliver on our promise of the finest quality produce.