Landrich Trading Co. Ltd is heavily involved in local communities, working to promote good practice and high standards of farming to help improve each community.

For example: in Uganda, Landrich is the sole agent for Kyoga Farming Society Ltd (KFS), made up of landowners from the Lake Kyoga region of eastern Uganda. The people who make up KFS have been subsistence farmers for generations who have now come together to grow food crops on order for both local and export sale, using their own land to grow food to order.

Landrich, through their farmers can produce major quantities of crops annually; coffee, cocoa, rice, maize, millet, sorghum, rice, sunflower, sesame seed, cassava and soya bean; Using a total of 2,000 farms currently, with 10,000 farmers.

Our on-the-ground team – made up of our country manager as well as any appropriate professionals – pay regular visits to the farmers who ensure that they maintain best practices and do not engage in child labour or any other unlawful practices.