In less than a year, Landrich Trading Co Ltd has established itself as a global trader in agricultural commodities. Based in London, Landrich is focused on providing bespoke commodities to order with the aim to find competitive prices for both the buyer and their suppliers; and at the same time, we want to make sure resources are put back into the communities we are working with.

Food Security is going to be one of the biggest challenges in the coming years for many countries around the world, as a result of growing global populace, an aging farming population and climate change. We here at Landrich believe we can make a major contribution to moving food from Africa, initially, then the Caribbean to the shores of the world, without unbalancing food security in the Countries we operate in.

We specialise in the sourcing and delivery of cocoa, coffee, rice and other staples and are committed to providing quality produce to the right markets – utilising competition-driven pricing – and with minimal environmental impact while supporting the farmers and producers on whom the business depends.