Our Produce

As a company we take pride in the quality of our produce, a direct result of our Agro-analysts research-based farm selection. Ultimately, our aim is to acquire and cultivate our own plantations, which would enable us to take control of our production from planting to harvesting before going to market. Consequently, a strong focus on value and excellence resonates right through the different stages ensuring we deliver on our promise of the finest quality as producers.

Our strength

As an organisation, our farmers are land rich with only 10% of available farm lands currently in use.

We have the ability to produce given crops to high capacities. Until now, our farmers output has been intended only for sale to domestic markets. Our farmers are encouraged to only grow to meet orders, as Landrich only works to bespoke orders.

What we produce

Our farmers are able to grow on order any of the following crops listed:

We also grow the following fruits:

  • oranges
  • mangoes
  • pineapples
  • avocado
  • bananas

How to order

If you would like more information on ordering a specific crop, please contact us direct.