Quality Control Organisations

The following organisations work with our farmers, traders, manufacturers and exporters to ensure food quality grown and exported out of Uganda is fit for purpose:


The Uganda Coffee Development Authority has a statutory mandate to promote and oversee the development of the entire coffee industry in Uganda through research, quality assurance, improved marketing and to ensure that the quality of coffee exports meets international standards.


The Uganda National Bureau of Standards is a parastatal body established by an Act of the Ugandan Parliament under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry.

The role of UNBS is:

  • the formulation and promotion of the use of standards
  • enforcing standards in protection of the public health and safety and the environment against dangerous, counterfeit and substandard products
  • ensuring fairness in trade and precision in industry through reliable measurement systems
  • strengthening Uganda's economy by enhancing competitiveness of local industries
  • promotion of quality exports through standardisation, quality assurance, testing and metrology

Safe Quality Food (SQF)

Certification with SGS, in accordance with the SQF Code, helps prove an organisation, produces, processes, prepares and handles food products to the highest possible standards. SGS has a presence in Uganda and a client may contract their services to work with our farmers to check the SQF1000 code implementation. The companies that process our products for export are SQL2000 certified by SGS.


SGS is approved by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to offer certification on the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Therefore, a client is welcome to appoint any inspection body to work with our farmers at the client's expense.