Rapid response

Food Security is going to be one of the biggest challenges in the coming years for many countries around the world. There are major drivers for the growing global populace, an ageing farming population and the effects of climate change.

We believe we can make a major contribution to moving food from the shores – initially from Africa and then the Caribbean – to the rest of the world without unbalancing food production in the countries where they are located.

For example, the 2012 drought in the US Midwest threatens a serious food shortage as maize prices have reached all-time highs. With depleted reserves in much of the world and as America is the world's largest producer of corn less maize will reach the global market over the next year, resulting in a wide-ranging impact.

We can help when situations like this occur, being able to plant crops that are urgently needed, to order. And, because the part of Africa where we operate benefits from two growing seasons, we can respond quickly.

This ability to react in a timely fashion to this kind of crisis has as much impact on – and hopefully some benefit to – Africa as it will on the rest of the world.